How it All Started

Rote learning, disconnection from society or sleepless nights before tests: our children definitely deserve better in education.

Beas and Joyati, from different walks of life and experiences, shared a vision of creating a learning platform so comforting and convenient, that it would make children and parents fall in love with learning.

They wished to develop a generation of smart learners who were in sync with the wider world. So, they let go of conventional methods, connected the dots between different subjects, built in creativity and critical thinking in their approach.

In the scorching summer of  2019 in a cosy book-cafe in Delhi, after several long meetings filled with passion and excitement and confusion, Owl’s vision for SKIP was conceptualised.

For the next one year a team of pedagogy experts, software developers and resource creators nurtured SKIP with dedication and care. Finally, Owl’s flagship module SKIP was ready to launch!

‘Learners’ not ‘Customers’

Education is not a simple consumer exchange. We do not offer a specific product. We offer an immersive learning experience.

We understand what you need. We are personally involved in every single resource that we create or select for your child. We have created an education platform that adapts itself according to your child’s unique bend of mind.

Overwhelming number of resources or videos with sensory overload do not allow expansion of mind-space. We believe in giving young learners a smart experience that offers them the freedom to explore new things, discover their inclinations and simply lets them enjoy their learning journey without worrying about marks.

Quality is always on the top of our minds. Every resource is created with utmost care to lead your child towards excellence.