Skipin is an adaptive self-learning module where the programme continuously adjusts itself to the learner’s needs.

For each subject, Skipin offers 250+ resources, major part of it is curated. Resources are of 3 types: worksheets, activities and projects.

Skipin is offered as an App on Android and iOS and also on a desktop platform 

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Skipin can be purchased for any class and any number of subjects. First, choose the class and then choose any one, two or all three subjects.

It is best to choose all three subjects for an immersive experience.

Each topic or skill starts with a Walkthrough. A Walkthrough is a diagnostic  assessment used  to carefully analyse a learner’s level in required competencies within that topic. The AI-based programme then picks out the right resources from our library and puts together a unique Study Kit for the learner.

A Study Kit has a set of interesting and engaging resources. A typical Study Kit has 10 online Worksheets, 2 home-based Projects and 5 Activities (articles to read, simulations, games, puzzles, videos etc.).

A full year programme for each subject includes 250+ resources divided into 12-20 Study Kits.

Activity is a mixed bag of resources. It may contain a topic-appropriate simulation from our international resource partners, puzzles, games, or a reference video content. All activities are done online. These are carefully selected to give a wide perspective to the topics.

A full year’s course for any subject may have 60-80 Activities.

These are research, experiment ideas and creative work that need to be completed hands on. The resource is downloadable. The learner completes the project based on the instructions and then uploads her work back onto her own portal.

The uploaded file can be a datasheet or a photograph of the experiment setup or the creative work that she has produced.

A full year’s course for any subject may have 24-30 Projects.

Worksheets are online practices. One worksheet contains a set of 10-15 questions on a particular topic that can be  solved online. Learners interaction on a Worksheet is recorded and analysed by the adaptive model.

A full year’s course for any subject may have 150-200 Worksheets.

A real-time Progress Tracker on the website shows the status of completion of Walkthroughs, Worksheet and Projects, by topics/sections in all subjects.

We gather a large amount of very useful data about the learners’ interest, gaps and gifts through her interactions on Skipin. The data is interpreted and presented in a report.

An Analytics Report is generated every quarter. The progress and development of the learner in each skill within the subject is placed within 3 broad bands: Aspiring, Intermediate and Advanced.

Skipin is busting the myth that quality learning programmes are expensive. Skipin- a high quality targeted learning is available at a price that is ideal for gifting. The greatest gift that a child can receive on any day is  Freedom of Learning with Skipin.

SKIP/Skipin is an ideal gift that comes within an affordable range of ₹1500-4000. Give a gift of freedom to all children that you know, not necessarily only your own.

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Skipin is a competency based programme that identifies age-appropriate learning objectives.. Since the programme is geared towards ensuring key competencies, therefore it covers all topics appropriate for a particular age. Therefore it is useful for learners following any syllabus.


In-App Purchase

You can download Skipin App from AppStore or Play Store and purchase the programme that you select inside the App. This is simple, easy and quick.

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Select the programmes from our website and purchase. A ‘Gift Code’ is sent to you either by e-mail or in the form of a beautiful paper gift card (select your preferred option). This code opens up the programme you have purchased for the learner.

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Skipin can be purchased any time of the year. When you purchase Skipin, the entire year’s programme becomes accessible. A learner is free to choose her pace through Skipin.

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You may choose to purchase Skipin  for the next class. Skipin for the new grade will overwrite the earlier programme if purchased under the same account.

In case you choose not to buy Skipin for the next class, the learner can continue using the current programme for 14 months after the date of purchase.

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  • An Indian mobile number (Skipin account will be linked to this)
  • A valid email ID (for receiving all purchase related and other communications)
  • A smart device for running Skipin (this can be different from the device carrying the account mobile number)
  • Payment tool (Indian)

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  • Credit Cards / Debit cards
  • NetBanking
  • UPI

At present, Indian credit cards and banks are supported for receiving payments.

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Skipin is offered for English, Science and Maths for Classes 5-8. The subjects are sold separately, so you can purchase any 1, any 2 or all 3 subjects for a learner for any class that is appropriate.

It always makes more sense to purchase all 3 subjects for an immersive and complete experience. 

You get great value when you buy all three subjects together.

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The account is linked to a mobile number, but not a particular device. So, Skipin is easily portable between devices. One account is active on one device at any particular time.

Once purchased, partially used or completely unused Skipin programme and/or Skipin App cannot be returned. Refund will be issued only if software support for Skipin is suspended.

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Skipin is a self-learning platform where the child learns by solving interactive problems. No boring lectures, just a variety of interactive and engaging resources. There is complete freedom for the learner on when and what she wants to learn.

Skipin delivers skill-based learning through interesting and engaging resources. It is like learning by making your own way through the topic or skill. There is no performance or time pressure on Skipin. Skipin is a test-free and stress-free platform.

Skipin has reference videos under some topics, but that is just one of the many types of resources. 

Skipin is the only platform where learning resources are dynamically curated for each child. No two children learn the same way, so no two children receive the same set of resources on Skipin.

Skipin offers freedom from comparison, test and stress. Skipin leads the learner to excellence where a good score is a natural outcome. Skipin makes sure that fear, stress or dislike for a topic or subject doesn’t stop the learner.

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Each child learns in a different way, that is her own way. So, the same book or video or tuition, however wonderful it may be, is received differently by each child. Self-learning that is targeted at the gaps and interests is the best way to learn. Skipin delivers exactly what the learner needs and accepts.

Each child receives her own set of resources that is curated to her needs. Learning is far more effective and honest this way.

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The Internet is so vast that one surely gets lost. Surfing the net without direction often takes up a lot of time. Still, we may end up with something that is not optimal. Skipin has done the research for you and made exactly what is needed for your child.

We know, there are programmes that offer hundreds of resources for one concept. Rather than quantity, Skipin offers quality. With targeted resources and no repetition, Skipin covers all the competencies that are necessary for the concept. This is smart learning.

By the way, the research says, out of a large number of resources offered, a major part remains unused. Whatever is used, may not be the right one for the learner because there is no direction given to her.

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